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Our goal at SDSDogs is to provide you with the highest quality sport dogs available. We only breed well-rounded quality sport dogs. We are a relatively small non-commercial breeder currently specializing in Labrador Retrievers for both hunting and companionship. All of our dogs have passed our stringent breeding guidelines and display some of the finest pedigrees available. Not only do we breed for genetics and temperament, but for quality of life. You see, our dogs are our most important assets.As avid hunters, we know what to look for in a quality pointer/retriever. We also understand that the investment you make in a sport dog can be substantial both in time and money. For this reason, we take great pride in offering sport dogs that will provide you with an enjoyable hunting experience as well as a long-term companion. You have many options when considering a sport dog. There are many breeders and commercial kennels that tout the quality and standards of their dogs, but few have the dog’s best interest at heart. Our goal is to find the best possible home for our dogs and the right dog for you while treating you with the kindness and respect that you deserve.

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